--- Nach vielen anderen warnenden Artikeln widmet sich heute auch USA Today der drohenden Überhitzung der chinesischen Wirtschaft: Growth is good. But Chinese leaders increasingly fear Beijing now could be getting too much of a good thing. This week, Chinese authorities announced new measures to slow growth. As the economy hurtles forward, investment is flooding into real estate and government infrastructure projects such as highways and dams. Fixed-asset investment in the first quarter soared 43% compared with the same period last year, lifting prices for materials including cement and steel. Another sign of an economy running ahead of itself: Factories are suffering chronic electricity shortages. ... For the USA, China's boom is pushing up the cost of commodities such as crude oil and cement. If policymakers can't prevent an economic hard landing, the financial damage will be felt here by companies from Ford Motor to Procter & Gamble.


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