--- Der "chinesischen Herausforderung" nimmt sich heute die New York Times in einem längeren Report an. Die Zeitung vergleicht die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung Chinas dabei mit der Japans in den 1980ern und stellt dabei Unterschiede fest: The welcome that China is offering to multinational companies and foreign investment has left many Western business executives, so critical of a closed Japan more than a decade ago, enthusiastically embracing China, its cheap work force and its huge markets. But that same openness — combined with China's vast population of 1.3 billion and military muscle — makes it an even greater long-term economic challenge to the United States than Japan seemed to be in the 1980's, according to a growing number of executives, economists and officials. While China's economy is still one-third the size of Japan's, the potential size of its market has made it very hard for companies to say no when Beijing officials demand that they build factories, transfer the latest technology or adopt Chinese technical standards.


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