Neues aus dem Handelskrieg zwischen den USA und China: Wie BusinessWeek berichtet, haben zahlreiche US-Konzerne und Industrielobbys chinesische Firmen wegen Dumping-Strategien verklagt: U.S. manufacturers say Chinese rivals, whose annual U.S.-bound exports of bedroom furniture tripled to $1.4 billion from 2000 to 2003, have led to 34,000 U.S. layoffs, dozens of plant closings, and plummeting prices. The Commerce Dept. is unlikely to assess the 440% punitive duties demanded by the U.S. producers, but a hefty levy appears likely since the U.S. International Trade Commission has already ruled that Chinese imports have damaged America's furniture industry. China's record so far is abysmal. In every Chinese case over the past four years where the ITC has ruled that a U.S. industry has been damaged -- the first step in a dumping suit -- the U.S. has imposed penalties. Since 2001, the U.S. has issued 22 antidumping findings against a wide variety of Chinese industries -- far more than from any other nation -- alleging they sold goods in the U.S. at less than their true production cost. And the average duties assessed against Chinese producers are more than double those for the rest of the world, ranging as high as 330% on saccharin. What's more, such petitions no longer focus only on minor products such as paintbrushes and candles. U.S. companies increasingly are going after major industries such as furniture and consumer electronics. In May, Washington slapped duties of 5.2% to 78.4% on color TV manufacturers, a sector where Chinese exports to the U.S. had leapt by 150% in three years, to $276 million in 2003.


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