Peking blockiert das Nachrichtenportal Google News, berichtet Reporter ohne Grenzen. Google sei aber selbst mit schuld daran: Reporters Without Borders today condemned the action of the Chinese authorities in blocking access to Google's news website, Google News, for the past ten days or so, starting a few weeks after the launch of an expurgated Chinese-language version of Google News. The press freedom organisation also urged the US company to react by stopping the filtering of its Chinese-language site and opening it to the news banned by Beijing. "China is censuring Google News to force Internet users to use the Chinese version of the site which has been purged of the most critical news reports," Reporters Without Borders said. "By agreeing to launch a news service that excludes publications disliked by the government, Google has let itself be used by Beijing."

Update: Peking bestreitet inzwischen allerdings die Google-News-Zensur.


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