--- Peking möchte Hong Kong anscheinend "sicherer" machen und bereitet ein entsprechendes Gesetz vor, schreibt die Washington Post. Vorgeschobener Grund sind angebliche Spionageaktivitäten: China has quietly detained a group of Hong Kong residents, including at least three British citizens, and begun to prosecute them on espionage charges, according to people familiar with the cases. The prosecutions may signal a new push to enact the stringent internal security bill that prompted huge demonstrations in the territory last year before it was withdrawn. ... More than 500,000 people protested against the internal security bill on July 1, one of the largest demonstrations in Hong Kong's history. Critics of the bill said it would give the authorities wide latitude to prosecute vaguely defined crimes against national security and that it threatened civil liberties in the territory, which was promised a high degree of autonomy when it returned to Chinese rule.


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