--- Dank dem Internet ist die Informationsfreiheit schon deutlich gewachsen in China, hat Guo Liang, stellvertretender Leiter des Research Center for Social Development an der Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, einem der Regierung nahestehenden Think Tank in Peking, herausgefunden. Die staatliche Zensur werde durch das Netz weitgehend unterlaufen:

"You cannot control Internet. That is my basic theory," said Guo, who recently completed a survey on Internet use in 12 smaller Chinese cities. "People can receive all sorts of information. The filters cannot scan a graphic." As an example, he cites communications by Falun Gong, the spiritual movement banned by the Chinese government as an "evil cult." "I still receive once a week some message from Falun Gong," Guo said. "It has Chinese characters but is like a photo. How can you filter that? No way."


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