--- Der Economist wirft ein Blick auf die chinesische Jugend und ihre Konsumvorlieben: Members of Miss Wu's generation are the first group of only children—born after the introduction of China's one-child-per-couple policy in the late 1970s—to acquire big spending power. Their parents' resources don't have to be shared among siblings, which gives them even more to draw on. Miss Wu and her husband bought a made-in-China Citroën Fukang last year, assisted by a gift of nearly 30,000 yuan ($3,600) from her and her husband's parents, and a five-year bank loan. In the last year they have also bought a Nokia mobile phone and an IBM laptop computer. ... Hung Huang, publisher of the Chinese version of Seventeen, an American consumer magazine aimed at young women, says that what is striking about this new consumer group is its similarity to those in developed countries. “The difference really comes from their consumption pattern compared with the generation before them in China rather than other societies,” she says. “They are like any teenagers that you would find in a rich suburb of Chicago or St Louis. They want the latest model, they want their computer, they want their camcorder, they want cool Swatches.”


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