Peking erklärt den "Volkskrieg" gegen Online-Pornographie, sagt dem Schmuddelkram im Netz den Kampf an. Sex-Sites sollen aus dem chinesichen "Intranet" demnach künftig draußen bleiben: From the walled compounds where China's Communist leadership runs the country has come the word: no more porn. No more nudity on the Internet. No more late-night erotica on the phone. Goodbye to racy text messages on the mobile. The party and government have launched what they call a people's war against electronic pornography. They have decreed that, after a summer-long campaign, plugged-in Chinese must be back on the sexual straight and narrow by the time the country celebrates National Day on Oct. 1. "This depraves social morals and especially brings great harm to the country's young minds," said Information Industry Minister Wang Xudong in announcing a new chapter of the anti-pornography campaign. But even for China's authoritarian rulers, the struggle will not be easy. Natürlich ist das alles auch ein guter Aufhänger, um die Meinungsfreiheit im Netz weiter einzuschränken.


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