China -- Silicon Valley hoch drei?

Eine TechCrunch-Bloggerin berichtet über ihre Erfahrungen aus dem Reich der Mitte:
What makes China so staggering is that everything that happened to corporate America over decades—think the television and media studios build out of the 1950s, the greed of the 1980s, the dot com bubble, the build out of physical and IT infrastructure, current Web 2.0 and CleanTech innovation—is all happening to China at once. Imagine: At the same time eCommerce is getting sea legs, TV Home Shopping is also getting hot. Online ads are growing not because people are TiVoing through commercials—both TV and online ads are growth markets at the same time. Ditto for entertainment and piracy: While Hollywood sees the Internet as a threat to its cozy legacy business, China’s entertainment industry is just now building amid a world where piracy is already rampant. No one assumes anyone will buy a CD, so they just look for other ways to make money. The wonder of China right now isn’t just the size of the market. It’s the rate at which dozens of “old” and “new” economies are all maturing amid one another, and the hyper-network effects that such economic progress is having throughout the country.

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At 1:07 PM, Blogger China Partner said...

It's exactly the happening at the same time that makes China so hard to understand from a Western perspective. I always get comments like "how can China be Communist and Capitalist at the same time? How comes the gap between trillionaires and poor peasants is so big?" One reason is the lack of the Western "either-or" thinking pattern. Then comes the dynamic boom, and the Chinese just "go with the flow" and take their chances without thinking twice in which category it falls.

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