Transrapid wird verlängert von Schanghai nach Hangzhou

Nun aber wirklich: Nach langem Hin und Her soll der Transrapid in Schanghai jetzt offenbar bis ins 200 Kilometer entfernte Hanghzou verlängert werden. Der Chefplaner im chinesischen Eisenbahnministerium, Zheng Jian, hat durchblicken lassen, dass es aus Peking für das Projekt grünes Licht gegeben habe, berichtet Shanghai Daily:
The line will start construction this year, Xinhua news agency reported. It is also the only Maglev line in the medium and long-term plan, Zheng said. First approved by the State Council four years ago in 2006, the extension was suspended in 2007 because residents along the line were worried that it would emit radiation and cause sickness. An assessment released by environmental authorities, however, showed the extended project was safe. ... The top speed of the Maglev railway will be 450 kilometers per hour, but it will be limited to 200 kilometers per hour in the city's downtown areas. Experts said it would take about half an hour to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou, a trip which usually takes one and an half hours on the current service. The new link will be 199.5 kilometers, about 24 kilometers longer than that included in the 2006 plan, said Xinhua.
Via International Maglev Board.

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