--- In einem Kommentar erklärt das Magazin Business Week, warum die Europäer allgemein wirtschaftlich besser mit den Chinesen können als die Amerikaner und warum die Angst vor wachsenden Handelsdefiziten mit dem chinesischen Drachen auf dem alten Kontinent geringer ist: The Europeans have reasons to be confident. True, during the first 10 months of last year the 12 euro-zone countries imported $38 billion more from China than they exported back to the Chinese. But unlike the U.S. with its yawning trade deficit, the euro zone is running a $6.3 billion trade surplus with the world as a whole, with Germany, France, and Italy all in the black. In this context, the deficit with China seems less menacing. What's more, some of Europe's biggest companies are making a boatload on exports to China. During the first 10 months of last year, the EU sold $41 billion in goods and services to the Chinese, nearly twice the amount of U.S. exports to China during the period. With Chinese growth cooking along at more than 9% last year, there's a huge appetite for infrastructure equipment, which is a forte of Continental European companies.


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