--- Anlässlich der zweiten BloggerCon in Harvard gibt es auch ein Bloggertreffen in Schanghai am 17. und 18. April. Mehr Infos beim China Herald: Webloggers’ portal Living in China and the Shanghai Foreign Correspondents Club will host a meeting in Shanghai at Saturday evening and Sunday morning 17/18 April that will coincide with the Bloggercon II that will take place at the Harvard Law School in the United States. At the third floor of Sasha’s you will be able to follow three of the more interesting sessions through a webcast (audio only), follow examples of live-blogging from Sasha’s and Harvard on a screen and participate in chatrooms surrounding the meeting at Harvard. You can find the full schedule here and bring your own laptop: Sasha’s has its own free wireless connection, but you might have to bring your own extension cord. In another part of the room you will be able to meet foreign correspondents, media people and webloggers from Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzou and San Francisco.


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