16 Millionen Blogger in China

Angeblich gibt es schon 16 Millionen eifrige Blogger in China:
Baidu, most popular search engine in China, released some statistics of China’s blogosphere based on its indexed pages. According to Baidu, the number of Chinese bloggers has amounted to over 16 million, number of blogs is about 37 million, that is every blogger has 2.3 blogs in average. There are totally 658 blogging service providers(BSPs) in China, 330 among them has more than a thousand register users. Top ten BSPs in China are MSN Spaces, Bokee, Tianya Blog, Blogcn, Mblogger.cn, Blogbus, Yculblog, Cnblogs, Netease Blog and CSDN Blog. I have no idea whether Baidu’s statistics has included blogs using blogware and virtual hosts services rather than BSP. If so, can I take it as clue that Baidu will launch its blog search service soon?


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