Freigabe für Transrapid Schanghai-Hangzhou

ShanghaiDaily berichtet über die Freigabe der Transrapid-Strecke zwischen Schanghai und dem rund 200 Kilometer entfernten Hangzhou. Wer genau nun bauen soll und ob Thyssen und Siemens noch im Rennen sind, geht nicht aus der Meldung hervor:
The construction of the high-speed magnetic-levitation train linking Shanghai and Hangzhou has finally been given the go-ahead after more than a year of hold-ups. While it was originally hoped that the line would be completed in time for Shanghai World Expo in 2010, that is now the year that construction is scheduled to begin. The project was suspended amid widespread concerns among local residents that their health may be adversely affected by radiation from passing trains. The provincial government of Zhejiang announced the decision in a 2008-2012 major construction-project plan, which included the building of a 13.42-billion-yuan (US$1.935-billion) Shanghai-Hangzhou passenger railway from 2009 to 2013, Xinhua news agency reported yesterday. The Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev line is expected to be completed by 2014 at a cost of 22 billion yuan, according to the Zhejiang plan.

... Total length of the Maglev line will be extended to 199.434 kilometers from 175 kilometers, including a section that connects the two cities and a minor section that links Shanghai's two international airports. Trains on the Maglev track are expected to hit speeds of 450kmh, meaning a one-way trip will take only 30 minutes. At present bullet trains take 90 minutes.
Via Magnetbahn-Forum.

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