--- Die Welt beginnt sich um die kommenden chinesischen Touristenströme zu balgen, so die Washington Post: Competition for Chinese tourists ... has become a global phenomenon as the travel industry scrambles to cash in on the 25 million tourists expected to travel from the Chinese mainland this year. In April, the Xinhua General News Service reported that Portugal has arranged to have China's largest national television network, China Central Television, broadcast a half-hour of Portuguese scenery before each match of the Euro 2004 soccer tournament, which will be held in Lisbon and seven other cities in Portugal in June. VisitBritain, the nation's tourism marketing body, is developing theme tours for Chinese tourists, based on English literary legends such as Shakespeare -- and Harry Potter. ... What has spawned the explosive growth of Chinese outbound travel over the past five years is the easing of travel restrictions to select countries. Mainland Chinese are now allowed to travel in groups for leisure to 28 "approved destinations." China continues to add to that list. Earlier this year Beijing granted 16 European nations approved status. ... Travel industry experts forecast that the number of Chinese outbound travelers will continue to grow by at least 20 percent each year.


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