"Lolexes" erobern den Westen, schreibt die Washington Post: A shopkeeper in the center of Shanghai offering charcoal-gray suits with Giorgio Armani tags for less than $200 said she routinely ships such goods to the United States and Europe. "We can take the buttons and labels off and you can put them back on at the other end," she said. "That way, you will have no problem with customs. That's what most people do." Most counterfeits are sold on street corners from New York to Rome to people who know they're not real. But in recent years extremely high-quality fakes have penetrated legitimate distribution channels and landed in reputable U.S. and European shops, selling to customers who think they are buying the genuine article, according to the authorities. In a series of investigations between 2000 and this spring, Italian customs officials seized more than 200,000 watches -- most of them counterfeit Rolexes -- bound for boutiques in northern Italy, Marco Fanti, chief of the anti-fraud department at the Italian Ministry of Finance, said in a recent interview in Rome. The watches were so well made -- including the internal identifying marks stamped inside real Rolexes -- that even Rolex had trouble distinguishing them as fake, Fanti said.


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