Streit um Chip-Besteuerung beigelegt: Die USA haben ihre erste Klage gegen China wegen einer Einfuhrsteuer auf Halbleiter-Produkte vor der WTO zurückgenommen und sich gütlich mit Peking geeinigt: The United States said on Thursday that it was dropping its first case against China at the World Trade Organization after settling a dispute with the country over its tax on imported semiconductors. Under the settlement, China agreed to a gradual elimination of the tax advantage given to its domestic semiconductor industry, which has increased the price of United States imports by 14 percent. "This is another step toward real results," Robert B. Zoellick, the United States trade representative, said at a news conference here. "China is a voracious consumer of semiconductor chips and this will give us a level playing field." Die Einigung kommt für Bush zur rechten Zeit: "With the help of our Chinese colleagues, this problem-solving approach often works," Mr. Zoellick said. Behind him was a banner with the phrase "real results" repeated again and again in rows, a rebuttal to accusations by Senator John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for president, and his running mate, John Edwards, that the administration's trade policies favor multinational corporations and fail to protect American workers. Roger Altman, an investment banker and former deputy Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton who is advising the Kerry campaign, said that the Bush administration's real results were a record trade deficit and the loss of 1.9 million jobs despite the opening of more global markets.


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