Bush will chinesische Textilwarenimporte in die USA ">drosseln: On Friday, just days before the presidential election, the Bush administration agreed to consider a petition from a coalition of embattled textile manufacturers that would limit some imports from China. American manufacturers and the labor union representing textile workers have been pressing for help in advance of the lifting of all trade quotas on textiles and apparel on Jan. 1, 2005, allowing for the free flow of goods around the globe. Last month, the manufacturers' coalition presented the petition to the administration, knowing that the deadline would fall just before voting in the tight presidential election. Members of the World Trade Organization agreed to the Jan. 1 deadline a decade ago but as the date nears, manufacturers in the United States and other textile-producing countries have been scrambling to protect their industries from competition from China. Analysts have predicted that China could capture as much as 70 percent of the American market over the next two years.


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