China-Blogger organisieren nationale Konferenz

In China soll es demnächst eine nationale Blogger-Konferenz geben, deren Ausrichtung und Teilnehmerpolitik aber noch umstritten ist:
Chinese bloggers are organizing their first national conference scheduled for the first week of November, but ongoing divisions among the Chinese blogger communities are not making things easier. Estimates of the number of Chinese blogs vary from 1-15 million of the more than 100 million Chinese Internet users, and that already murky discussion is not helped by the fact that opinions about what actually is a blog are the basis of heated discussions. The former BlogChina, re-baptized earlier this year as Bokee.com, claims 2 million blogs, but its highly commercial style, including the promotion of its sex-bloggers like Muzi Mei, has put off others. Prolific blogger Isaac Mao even started a movement, "I'm not a boke," the name BlogChina introduced as the Chinese name for blog. Mao is one of the key organizers of the November conference and one of the more famous Chinese bloggers. Wang Jianshuo, who normally shuns controversy, is rather outspoken about his doubts: "It is more like a conference of only some people, instead of the blogging world. Blog service providers like Blogbus, Bokee, Blogcn, and Anyp.cn seem not involved yet, and many bloggers like me aren't involved yet, either. The speakers are great persons but seem to be only in a small circle. Although many bloggers are encouraged to participate, there is not a good way to organize the participation."


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