Drei Jahre Haft für Bibeldrucker -- Bush soll düpiert werden

Um die Meinungs- und Publikationsfreiheit steht es weiter schlecht in China:
A prominent pastor in Beijing's underground Protestant church was sentenced Tuesday to three years in prison for illegally printing and distributing Bibles and other religious books, in a case that has attracted attention from Christian groups in the United States and elsewhere. The Beijing People's Intermediate Court handed down the sentence immediately after it convicted Cai Zhuohua, 34, of conducting "illegal business practices," said his attorney, Zhang Xingshui. Two co-defendants were also convicted and sentenced to prison, he said. ... The sentencing came less than two weeks before President Bush is scheduled to visit China. U.S. diplomats and human rights activists said that the Chinese government may have decided not to release a political prisoner as a symbolic gesture, as it has done in advance of other visits by U.S. presidents. Cai's sentence, though less than the 10-year maximum he faced, could be seen as an insult to the Bush administration, which has repeatedly highlighted freedom of religion as a top concern in human rights talks with Chinese leaders. U.S. diplomats had also raised concerns about Cai's case with the Chinese authorities, most recently on Monday.


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