Potenter Chinese soll 1,5 Millionen Nachfahren haben

Das muss wohl ein richtiger Sexprotz gewesen sein:
Research into an unusually high prevalence of a particular set of genes in China has suggested that 1.5 million Chinese men are direct descendants of Giocangga, the grandfather of the founder of the Qing dynasty.
Giocangga's extraordinary number of descendants, concentrated mainly in north-east China and Mongolia, are thought to be a result of the many wives and concubines his offspring took. Dr Chris Tyler-Smith, a geneticist working at Britain's Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, made the finding, based on a study of a set of genes on the male Y chromosome. He told the BBC World Service's Science In Action programme that these genes provided a "genetic surname" of the family to which each man belonged. "What we did was analyse around 1,000 men from that part of the world," he said. "We noticed just two types of Y chromosome that were extraordinarily frequent - one of them making up around 3% of our sample. "When we looked at it more carefully, we found that it was not present in the majority population in that area, the Han. But in the minorities, including the Mongolians, it was present at around 5%." Scientists were then able to work out roughly where the special genes came from. They established the origin was north-east China, around 500 years ago. More accurate analysis then found that this particular genetic code first appeared just before the Qing dynasty, which came to the fore in 1616 and had conquered China by 1644.


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