Peking will anonyme Internet-Nutzung verhindern

In Peking wird jetzt ernst gemacht mit einem Programm, das eine Registrierung bei der Nutzung von Internet-Cafés vorschreibt:
According to Beijing Xicheng District's Culture Administration Enforcement Team, the eight urban districts of Beijing will adopt real-name registration at their netcafes in the first half of this year. By the end of this month, all 53 netcafes in Xicheng District will be installed with the netcafe operation and management system, which consists of a netcafe platform and a supervision platform and will facilitate the real-name registration starting next month. According to Xicheng District Culture Commission, the netcafe platform's goal is to fulfill real-name registration at netcafes and the supervision platform is mainly to provide a database for supervision decision-making. After the system is put into operation, users need to take a photo and register with their real name when they enter a netcafe the first time, but they only need to input their ID number thereafter before they can smoothly access the network at the netcafes.
Passend zum Thema ein Bericht im Atlantic Monthly zur Internetzensur in China und ihre Lücken: China’s Great Firewall is crude, slapdash, and surprisingly easy to breach. Here’s why it’s so effective anyway. via: Netzpolitik.org.

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