China kopiert Transrapid

Das wird Siemens & Co. sicher nicht sonderlich freuen: Chinesische Ingenieure haben einen Transrapid im Eigenbau vorgestellt, meldet das Forum Magnetschwebebahn (International Maglev Board):
China's first independently built high-speed magnetic levitation (maglev) train was formally unveiled on Thursday, April 8th, in Chengdu, capital city of southwestern Sichuan Province. The Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Company, a subsidiary of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), handed over its first vehicle section to the Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development Company (SMTDC), the group that introduced the country's first high-speed commercial maglev train in 2002. ... In media reports, Wu Xiangming, Chief Engineer of SMTDC's Expert Group, said, "This is the first domestically designed and produced maglev train in China. We own the independent intellectual property rights." ... Further, Dai Ganchang, AVIC Engineer, said, "We had a deal with Germany. They introduced technology to us and we digested it. Currently, we only import some parts from Germany. The design and manufacturing are totally home-grown." ... From an International Maglevboard's perspective, this announcement signals a predictable shift in China's interests from simply being a user of foreign technology to becoming a manufacturer with unique and sellable know-how. Having apparently mastered the manufacturing and assembling of vehicles and many of their internal components, the next step is to gain the engineering expertise to reproduce the all-important levitation, guidance and propulsion functions.

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