Buchrezension: The Chinese Century: The Rising Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Global Economy, the Balance of Power, and Your Job. Das Online-Magazin der Harvard Business School hat sich diesen Titel (zumindest den Klappendeckelt ;-) angeschaut: Yes, yet another book about China, but this title offers an interesting if not controversial spin on what it means to the U.S., if (make that when) China becomes the world’s largest economy in the next couple of decades. Although often paired with India as the rising economic powers, it is China that will most impact the world and in particular, the U.S., Oded Shenkar argues. China is much more able than Japan or any other country to build a sustainable competitive threat to American business.Shenkar looks at the competitive advantages the country now uses to its benefit. These include the lax controls on intellectual property rights that make it risky for outside companies to do business there, even while China negotiates (and, according to Shenkar, steals) technology smarts from the U.S. and elsewhere. The country’s abundant and inexpensive supply of labor has already left a mark on labor-intensive industries. China doesn’t have a history of supporting entrepreneurial activities or a strong service sector, but it is involved in a broad range of industries, giving it wide latitude for development. And China is not alone in its development; it is the dominant force in a growing area of integrating economies.


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