--- Die Spam-Flut geht nach wie vor zu einem Großteil auf das Konto chinesischer Server, schreibt BusinessWeek Online: Gideon Mantel, the head of an Israeli company that tracks e-mail traffic, says China is also a major source for another American ailment -- spam. Not the meat, of course, but unwanted, aggravating e-mail. The majority of those messages telling you how to increase your penis size or get a discount mortgage or get rich on eBay are trying to get you to visit Web sites based in China. ... "We're talking now about 350,000 to 400,000 unique spam attacks a day," says Mantel. He defines a "unique spam attack" as one that goes to at least 50,000 recipients. The problem is getting worse and worse, he adds. "Since Jan. 1, we've seen probably a 30% to 40% increase" in spam traffic, Mantel says. ... found that 71% of the Internet protocol (IP) addresses for them were based in China. ... while Beijing has strong anti-porn policies, the economics of Web hosting work in favor of the spammers. It's inexpensive to host a Web site in China, and it just makes sense to operate from there, regardless of whether it's strictly legal. Moreover, as Net usage soars in China -- it's now the world's second-largest Internet country after the U.S. -- the government has a harder time keeping control of everything, Mantel points out.


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