--- Die Boston Consulting Group und die Wharton Business School haben einen umfangreichen China-Report veröffentlicht, in dem sie die Risiken und Chancen des "Going China" abwägen. Aus der Zusammenfassung: China offers potentially huge benefits for multinational corporations. With a population exceeding 1 billion and an immense supply of low-wage workers, China is coveted both as a consumer market and as a superb location to source products. But is China really the place where major corporations need to be in the decades to come? In this first of four special reports on China, experts from Wharton and the Boston Consulting Group explore topics such as opportunities and threats that global companies face in China; an analysis of how China compares with the rest of the world as a sourcing location; and the emergence of Chinese firms that challenge global multinationals, among others.


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