--- Der Economist sorgt sich um einen Crash der chinesischen Wirtschaft, der die globale Ökonomie in eine tiefe Krise stürzen könnte: A fascinating drama is about to be played out in the world's biggest country. China's economy is growing too fast for comfort, and the country's leaders know it. In recent weeks they have promised forceful measures to cool things down, but it is not clear what they will or can do. Rumours are rife that China's central bank may raise interest rates for the first time in nine years. The authorities have tried to restrain investment, prices and lending through administrative fiat. The challenge facing them would be difficult for policymakers anywhere: to slow the economy enough to ensure sustainable growth, but not so much as to cause a damaging crash, the much-feared hard landing. But the task of China's policymakers is doubly difficult because they have far fewer tools at their disposal than their counterparts in developed countries. Thousands of state-owned firms, as well as the banking system, do not respond much to pricing signals or interest rates. It is not only 1.2 billion Chinese who should hope that their leaders succeed despite these handicaps. The rest of the world also now has a huge stake in China's continued economic health.


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