Peking will die chinesische Jugend remoralisieren, berichtet die LA Times: When fathers of the Chinese Communist Party mapped out the road to socialist perfection, they didn't give much thought to green hair. But amid growing concern that it is losing touch with an increasingly rebellious youth, the government recently announced a series of steps to bolster social, ethical and moral standards among underage Chinese. "What they're really afraid of is not political dissidents. It's long hair, decadence, punks and hip-hop. That's raising more concern than anything else," said Hung Huang, publisher of the Chinese edition of Seventeen magazine. "In essence, China is experiencing its first real generation gap, and it's a 7 on the Richter scale." Premier Wen Jiabao set the tone in late February with State Council Document No. 8 — cited as the most important statement on youth since the Communists swept to power in 1949 — calling on parents, teachers and the government to help strengthen and reform the virtue of Chinese minors. The government has also banned the release of new foreign films during the school break this summer and tightened restrictions on foreign textbooks, cellphone text messaging, the Internet and racy magazines aimed at teens. It is recruiting new "upstanding youth" to serve as role models. And it is pouring money into "Youth Palaces," the national network of after-school community centers started in the 1950s to promote extracurricular activities.


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