Mit dem Lenovo-IBM-Deal wird die chinesische Wirtschaft erwachsen, beurteilt die LA Times das epochale Geschäft im PC-Bereich: in the eyes of many Chinese and others around the globe, the Lenovo-IBM deal represents a watershed in the Asian nation's rise as a global economic power, moving beyond just churning out cheap goods from low-wage factories. "This is a new Chinese business model emerging," said Jiang, an associate professor at the University of Alberta in Canada. "It shows there is an integrated strategy that in order to break into the world markets, you have to be brand conscious, build up domestic production and dare to buy and expand." The Chinese want to possess quality brands in a host of products, including consumer electronics, home appliances, software and automobiles. And flush with U.S. dollars from their booming exports to America, the Chinese are looking to buy their way to world-class economic status. ... Lenovo's plan to purchase IBM's PC business carries huge symbolism and potential ramifications. Unlike the expansion of Japanese electronic firms, which painstakingly built up their own brands, Lenovo is looking to seize foreign markets and close the technical and business gap with rivals in developed countries much more quickly.


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