US-Hightech-Wirtschaft hat Angst vor chinesischen Spionen

Für die US-Hightech-Branche gilt Wirtschaftsspionage made in China als eine der größten Bedrohungen:
A congressional advisory panel said Thursday that Chinese spying represents the greatest threat to U.S. technology and recommended counterintelligence efforts to stop China from stealing the nation's manufacturing expertise. The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission also said in its annual report to Congress that small and medium manufacturers, which represent more than half the manufacturing jobs in America, "face the full brunt of China's unfair trade practices, including currency manipulation and illegal subsidies for Chinese exports." China's economic policies create a trade relationship that is "severely out of balance" in China's favor, said the commission, which Congress set up in 2000 to investigate and report on U.S.-China issues. Carolyn Bartholomew, the commission's chairwoman, told reporters that "China's interest in moving toward a free market economy is not just stalling but is actually now reversing course." China denied any spying activities, stressing the importance of healthy economic ties with the U.S. "China never does anything undermining the interests of other countries," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Jianchao said at a regular briefing Thursday in Beijing. "China and the U.S. have a fundamental common interest in promoting sound and rapid development." The report comes about a year before U.S. presidential and congressional elections, and candidates have been critical of what they see as China's failure to live up to its responsibilities as an emerging superpower. China often is singled out for its flood of goods into the United States; for building a massive, secretive military; for abusing its citizens' rights; and for befriending rogue nations to secure sources of energy.
Das hört sich ja gleich mal wieder an einem Rundumschlag an.

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