China blockiert Hollywood-Filme

Peking erteilt momentan kaum noch Freigaben für US-Kinostreifen:
China's government has been blocking American movies from its cinemas, U.S. and Chinese movie industry executives and analysts said Tuesday. Although China has not announced any policy change, in recent weeks U.S. studios have stopped receiving approvals to show films in China, said Dan Glickman, chief executive of the Motion Picture Assn. of America. "Indications are very strong that if not a formal, then essentially an informal blockade of our product is beginning to take place," said Glickman, who expects it to last at least through the first few months of next year. Karl Hu, general manager of Hengdian Group's Mandarin Film & Television Post-Production Co., a large studio in Zhejiang province south of Shanghai, said much the same thing. "At least for the first half of next year, I don't see any Hollywood movies" in China, he said. Wen Li, a deputy manager at the distribution arm of Beijing-based China Film Group Corp., the only firm responsible for importing movies for showing in China, said quite a few foreign titles had been approved for coming months. "But we haven't seen any U.S. films being arranged for early next year," he said. In Shanghai, China's commercial and cosmopolitan center, most major cinemas are currently showing no U.S. titles. Hu and other industry experts speculated that China's action may be aimed at protecting the domestic film industry. But they said it could also be retaliation for Washington's increasingly assertive moves to push Beijing to do more to stop counterfeiting of movies, music, software and books. This year, the Bush administration has filed two complaints with the World Trade Organization, moves that were denounced by Chinese officials.
Sieht ja nach einem kleinen Kulturkampf aus.

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