Chinesische Netzbürger finden Zensur in Grenzen OK

Eine aktuelle von der US-amerikanischen Markle-Foundation unterstützte Studie (PDF) bringt nähere Einblicke in die Einstellungen chinesischer Surfer, die demnach eine gewisse Regulierung von Inhalten durch den Staat für nötig erachten, ungern online shoppen und auch nicht sonderlich oft E-Mailen (stattdessen lieber Chatten):
The Chinese may be using the Internet in ever greater numbers, but their attitudes towards and needs in cyberspace may be different from what most people expect. The overwhelming majority of Chinese feel some Internet content -- such as pornography and violence -- should be regulated, according to a study released Thursday by Professor Guo Liang of the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The report also noted that although the average Chinese Internet user spends nearly three hours a day online, 75 percent have never made an Internet purchase and 42 percent never use a search engine. Other Chinese Internet behavior noted in the study include:
-- The Chinese go online for news more than anything else, but mostly it's for entertainment news. They also use the Internet more for chatting and games, as opposed to seeking information or for work-related purposes.
-- The Chinese prefer instant messaging to e-mail. Liang said that as a culture the Chinese prefer instant communication and have long shunned other delayed messaging devices like answering machines.
-- Nearly half of the country's 103 million Internet users use broadband.
-- Sixty percent believe the Internet will provide more opportunities to criticize the government.


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